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Address: No.6 Nguyen Trai St., May To Ward, Ngo Quyen Dist., Hai Phong city
Tel:(84-225) 3826832
Fax:(84-225) 3836425

- Producing, trading in and export of materials, goods and materials, equipment and spare parts and other metal products.
- Trading in and manufacturing lifting equipment.
- Producing and trading in steel.
- Transport services, loading and unloading, renting offices and warehouses.
- Trading in hotels, restaurants, other tourist services.
- Trading in food, foodstuff, agricultural - forestry - aquaculture, construction materials, scrap metal, electrical equipment - electronic, telecommunication equipment.
- Transport and goods transport agents waterway.
- Services export and import of goods and the demolition of old vessels.
- Producing and trading in industrial gases.

Update:Friday, August 17,2018

Address: 124 Nguyen Duc Canh St., Cat Dai Ward, Le Chan Dist., Hai Phong City.
Tel:(84-225) 3700695-3700509
Fax:(84-225) 3700440
- Produc ing and trading in : carpets , textilers , footwear, handicrafts , joss paper and furniture products , wood for construction and industry.
- P rocessing and trading in food , animal feed , coal .
- Trading in  machinery and equipment , spare parts, supplies and raw materials for production of carpets, textiles , footwear , construction materials , agricultural materials , fuel , gasoline , oil , greases Lubricants, LPG .
- Sales agents and consignment .
- Hotels , motels , and restaurants business ; domestic travel and international .
- Transport and transport services of goods and passengers waterway and road .
- Construction of civil, industrial , transportation , irrigation and infrastructure projects .
- Construction of transmission lines and substations up to 35kV .
- Develop business and housing developments , office , storage, parking and infrastructure .
- R eal estate business.
- Services export and import goods.
- Activities hospital .

Update:Friday, August 17,2018

Address: No.11 Duong Ha Noi St., So Dau Ward, Hong Bang Dist., Hai Phong City
Tel:(84-225) 3850214-0912480169
Fax:(84-225) 3850214

- As the number 1 distributor of electrical wire and cable manufacturers of low voltage, medium voltage and high voltage:  Ls-Vina, Taya, HANAKA, Taihan-Sacom, Malaysia, Tran Phu, Cadivi, Golcup, Cadisun, gifted, SH-Vina, Sec, Seoul, Sang Jin ....
- Direct import: Cables, power, signal lights, electrical equipment synchronized purchasing marine, mining, minerals from the EU, China, Korea, Sinhgapo, ...
- Provision of lighting equipment firms :  Philips, Duhal, Comet, Sino, Clipsan, OSRAM, GE, Yaships, .... for: squares, stadiums, factories, residential areas, organized activities event,…
- Sales of equipment medium voltage lines and substations, high voltage. (Simen, Coope, ARVA, Alstom, ABB, compaq - India, 3M ,,,)
- Wholesale and retail of switchgear, automatic control, the temperature of manufacturers like siemens, schneider, MITSUBISHI, FUJI, LS, HYUNDAI, Yoosung, AUTONICS, HANYOUNG, ...
- Supply of marine equipment, explosion proof equipment vendors: Haixing, Sanshin, warom, Tenda, .......

Update:Friday, August 17,2018

Address: Km 92, Highway 5, So Dau Ward, Hong Bang Dist., Hai Phong City
Tel:(84-225) 3712706-3712707
Fax:(84-225) 3712715-3712714
- Fabrication , manufacturing boilers , materials heat recovery ( HRSG ) , MHS , desalination equipment ( DESA ) and CPE machine .
Update:Friday, August 17,2018

Address: Normura Hai Phong Industrial Zone, An Hai Dist., Hai Phong City
Tel:(84-225) 3743008-3743009
Fax:(84-225) 3743007
- Installing and maintaining electric station.
Update:Friday, August 17,2018

Address: 22C Bach Dang St., May Chai Ward, Ngo Quyen Dist., Hai Phong City
Tel:(84-225) 3767944
Fax:(84-225) 3768722
- Dredging and constructing waterways.
Update:Friday, August 17,2018

Address: 8 Nguyen Tri Phuong St., Minh Khai Ward, Hong Bang Dist., Hai Phong City
Tel:(84-225) 3842806-3841695
Fax:(84-225) 3842806-3841695
- Producing means of river transport and spare parts thereof.
Update:Friday, August 17,2018

Address: 22 Vo Thi Sau St., May To Ward, Ngo Quyen Dist., Hai Phong City
Tel:(84-225) 3836101-3551237-3836681
Fax:(84-225) 3836101
- Import, export and trading of materials and equipment, oil and gasoline, machines, production materials, agricultural, forestry, aquatic and sea products and consumer goods.
- Construction of transport and irrigation systems.
- Production and sale of construction materials.
Update:Friday, August 17,2018

Address: No.223, Mac Dang Doanh St., Tran Hung Dao Ward, Duong Kinh Dist., Phong City
Tel:(84-225) 3633589-3633588
Fax:(84-225) 3633599
- Specializing in producing plastic packages.
Update:Friday, August 17,2018

Address: Minh Duc Str., Minh Tan Commune, Thuy Nguyen Dist., Hai Phong City
Tel:(84-225) 3875356
Fax:(84-225) 3875365
- Production and sale of cement.
- Transportation of raw materials and cement products.
Update:Friday, August 17,2018

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